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Erin and Seth met on the third floor of Charlottesville’s Pink Warehouse next door to South Street Brewery on a cold January day in 2010. Erin was a teacher; Seth managed bands. Seven years later they were expecting a baby and began to rethink their work lives, seeking balance alongside meaning and inspiration, with a desire to find a direct way to impact the Charlottesville community.

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An Idea is Born. April 2017.

Erin & Noah. September 2017. Scott's Run Nature Preserve. 

Erin & Noah. September 2017. Scott's Run Nature Preserve. 

“The Environment isn't asking us to conserve her for her sake, but for our future generations.”

Mohith Agadi


Seth and I spent a lot of time outdoors when we were kids, and having our own child has gotten us wondering about what things will look like for him and his generation. Recent studies show that getting children outdoors can powerfully impact their desire to preserve the natural world, and in times when the future of the environment hangs in the balance, every minute counts. We want to spend time outside as a family as much as possible, and we want to do so in a way that is environmentally responsible.        

High Tor Gear Exchange is a combination of our love of the outdoors and the desire to transform the way we buy stuff, in this case, how we buy the clothes and products we need to spend more time outside.  The inspiration for the shop came about in part as we sought a way to have a positive impact here in Charlottesville, as well as to create a movement towards more sustainable and conscious consumption. Our goal is to give the Charlottesville community access to high quality used outdoor gear and clothing, and to create an avenue for participation in the circular economy.

The clothing and products you need for your next outdoor adventure may likely already exist in our community, and our mission is to close the loop between those who have it, and those who are looking for it.


Erin -- High Tor Gear Exchange co-founder